Artificial Intelligence in HR

An AI-powered HR Technology for endorsing your recruitment activities and facilitating data-driven determinations.

Engage your employees with HR Artificial Intelligence

Different organizations have different definitions of employee engagement, yet there are many common aspects found in those definitions, including- enthusiastic employees, driven, self-motivated and growth-oriented, and more. Above all, an engaged employee finds a purpose and some meaning in his or her work.
However, organizations often limit employee interaction to annual reviews and performance assessment activities. And, it is rather impractical to expect deeper insights into engagement issues merely through such limited interactions.
Approaches like employee surveys, special committees, and limited data analysis do more harm than deliver actionable insights through genuine responses.
Hence the advent of HBR-AI-HR is a welcome change in the way organizations approach engagement. A-HR will enable organizations to modernize their processes, right from on-boarding and performance management to talent development.
Here are a few ways in which AI-HR can help increase employee engagement and deliver a positive experience-


Realtime Interview & Feedback

HBR provides AI-HR tools that are used in interviews in two key scenarios. The first instance that uses AI to assess video interviews, using voice and facial expression analysis to assess personality traits. While this can help cut down on the time and attention required of recruiters to review each candidate’s recorded response, there are some big red flags with using facial recognition to select candidates – more on that in a minute.

The second way to use an AI tool with a pre-recorded video interview is to analyze the content of the answer. The video portion can be used to give more context to the candidate’s skills test and help a candidate stand out beyond their initial response. Real-time feedback, whether small or large, good or bad, is a gateway to understanding what’s going on in the employees’ minds, how are they feeling, what are they talking about in the organization, their likes-dislikes in the workplace, etc. Using HBR AI-powered responsive platforms, organizations can collect real-time feedback from their employees and address any queries or issues right there and then, without having to go through an entire feedback process that is a time-consuming as well as a resource-heavy task. Advanced AI tools use sentiment analysis to give better insights into the employees’ workplace mood and their general satisfaction with the work and their colleagues, flagging even the smallest of issues faced by employees to address them the moment they arise.

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Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding should be experience-directed and not method-dictated. HBR AI lets you concentrate on people while it necessitates care of all the compulsory joining customs.


Augment the initial-day activity with a smarter pre-boarding

Your candidates can be entertained by other boards-proposals. HBR AI-HR benefits you to design and automate the complete preboarding trip. And reduce such drop-outs.
Your Candidates get the automated advantages on behalf of our AI-HR Software for the process of onboarding:

  • Document Submission
  • Welcome Message
  • Onboarding

Leave & Attendance Tracking

With just a few clicks, accurate data can be generated based on the employees’ working hours, overtime, leaves, etc. The leave management system becomes convenient as the employees can easily apply for a leave through the AI-HR software portal. Due to the transparency and visibility that an AI attendance system provides, all the employee-related data is visible to the managers. The managers can review the leave application and grant the leave if the situation permits. The transparency also allows the managers to keep a tab on all the work done by employees regularly, thereby helping them to improve their skills in certain departments if needed.

Build an onboarding experience that impresses newcomers

HBR AI-HR discharges your HR to perform the latter real. It automates the complete onboarding workflow from origin to the termination.

Keep your new employees engaged and productive

The opening periods set the mood for the rest of the security. It is significant in determining the ROI on the recruitment price and time. HBR AI-HR takes regular pulse examinations from the new hires and implements them with the right erudition immediately.

HR Workflows

Automate all possible HR workflows, and streamline employee applications.

Release experience-compelled onboarding

Automate all the onboarding workflows and clear up your HR for further valuable employee intercommunications. Drive your company’S primary consequence with the most suitable innovative hire onboarding activity eternally.

Upskill your employees effortlessly

Envision your employees’ training demands and automatically transmit out relevant instruction elements. Acknowledge breakthroughs and citation certifications as your representatives move throughout the foundation. Yield greater reimbursements on your practice time and costs.

Accompany up-to-date achievement examinations at computation

Digitize company-wide execution assessments with personalized feedback surveys and customizable workflows. Serve in goals, OKRs, genuine-time feedback, and studies into an individual workflow and drive production over the corporation.

Offer farewell with sleek offboarding

Automate employee offboarding workflows to assure fitting doorway. And take automatic farewell questionnaires to correctly estimate the rationalizations for dropping. Declare farewell on an assertive note and build representatives for tomorrow.

Make self-service smarter for your employees

Enable employees to update their personal information.
Let employees avail benefits seamlessly.
Switch to the simplest way of managing leaves.
Deliver payroll-related documents at your fingertips.

Features Of AI-HR Software

HBR consolidates HR with the benefits of AI without losing a human touch.
● Simultaneous Conversations: The AI-based HR solution can efficiently interact with multiple candidates at the same time.
● Participation Tracking: Track the behavior of employees in an office with strong timesheets and plan your calendars better.
● Monitor Leave Requests: Cut short the time usage and support or deny leave applications of employees by a simple tap or click.
● Fast Rejoinders: AI-powered HR application excretes the waiting time between a question asked, and answers received.
● Aspirants Pipeline: Blend data-driven methods and auspicious analytics to create a candidate pipeline, willing to move.
● Trace the Engaging: Keep an eye on prosperous hires and spontaneously search for candidates with similar attributes.

How HBR redefines AI in the HR Industry?

Recruiting the finest is the core to the achievement of any company. The circumstance of reduction in the method is also very familiar. With an AI-powered HR resolution, accomplishing candidates and recognizing the rate of attrition becomes more obvious. The software streamlines the manner, reaches all the information required about possibilities, and even automates the pre-screening method. Lighten the load from recruiters and provide a compassionate experience to the candidates with HBR’s designed AI-based HR application.