What is Campus Recruitment Software?

Campus Recruitment Software is tool recruiters use to simplify the campus recruitment process. Companies go for Campus Hiring every year to source young new talent for multiple roles in the company. Campus recruitment software facilitates the process, paving way for easy hiring.


HBR helps campus recruiters to get fine talents with an AI-based platform to create a pipeline at every stage of the recruitment process, so as a recruiter your all focus should be on students only, the rest of the process will be taken care of by HBR.


Evaluate professional recruits on the right things

Fastens the Method

Campus recruitment software comes with automating options and also a bunch of other features that will eliminate the need for paperwork and manual intervention, which means it will reduce the time taken to perform tasks by many folds. You will give a quick recruitment process to every campus you go to.

Empowers you to give a valuable candidate experience

Candidates will get a rich experience when smart software is used. Remember, they are sitting for interviews with many companies back to back and how you make your company stand out to them is important. Compensation, location, job role, etc., can be points you used to woo them. A good hiring experience can also help a lot. It will put your brand over the edge and help it shine among the crowd.

Can manage bulk information easily

Campus Hiring means mass hiring, a bunch of students, loads of information, and a short time to decide. This means processing a lot of information in a short time, and there is no room for error. This is where campus recruitment software will be useful. It can process loads of information fastly, with no errors.

Easy to Scale and Optimize Performance

Campus Recruitment Software that comes with reporting and analytics will enable you to measure your hiring performance based on different parameters if you choose the right software.

This will help your team to see what went right and wrong and work on it to improve for the next time.

Keeps you up to date with your recent candidates

We are not hiring the Millennials anymore, It is tough to impress them and interview without feeling intimidated by them. However, you can be on your top game when you have the right tools to make you smart. Campus Recruitment Software will be one such tool that will keep you informed about everything and look amazing in front of your candidates.

How HBR can help in Campus recruitment?

HBR Campus Recruitment Software can help you hire young talent easily and quickly. It removes the common obstacles one might encounter during mass recruitment drives. Interested to know how? Read below....

Candidate 360 Profile

HBR gives a 360 Profile for each candidate added. This helps interviewers who come in during different stages of recruitment understand the candidate completely in no time. This profile has information about the candidate + all comments and emails from other panel members.

Bulk Actions

The first few stages of campus hiring would include a bunch of bulk actions like sending out rejection emails or selected emails to candidates, sending tests or links for feedback at the end. HBR enables you to do these bulk actions easily in one click.

Vendors in HBR

Are you campus hiring through placement cells within the college? Do each cell bring a set of candidates and do you want the person in charge also in the loop with your process? This is where the Vendor Management feature in HBR comes in handy. Each vendor gets a profile and account where they can add their candidates and also closely watch the process and help wherever they can.

Customizable Scorecards

Campus hiring differs from your regular hiring. Interviewing students, who will be freshers at the job is different and the skills you will look out for will also be different. Therefore, you cannot have a one size fits all scorecard. We should customize it to the role and the purpose, which HBR understands and offers as a feature.

Combination with Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools is one of the fastest and effective ways used for mass hiring. It helps to do the initial screening, eliminate candidates in bulk while assessing their knowledge. HBR Campus Recruitment Software comes with integrations to a bunch of the best and most used assessment tools.

Offer Management

Our standout feature, which you seldom find in other Campus Recruitment Software, is Offer Management. Campus Hiring doesn’t stop with the recruitment process, you offer a job to a bulk of candidates and there would be a lot of paperwork and work after that too. HBR is the only software that helps you with this. You can send offer letters through HBR, collect documents, get e-signatures, and more.