Control the Power of Social Media Distribution

Whether your company’s preferred option for candidate sourcing is LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, HBR’s social media sharing option is a great tool that allows you to post openings to your social accounts directly within the software.

Let job seekers come to you via the power of social recruiting.


Presumptuous Emails With Comfort

With HBR, you can drop one of the most difficult parts of the recruitment process: initiating each email, downloading the resume, and then uploading it, as most applicant tracking assistance requires.

Our software has an excellent instrument that will formulate unique email superscriptions so you can just reroute the applicant erudition, and it will automatically be conveyed with the other applicant silhouettes.


Post Your Job Research Far and Wide

Not sure if your sourcing mechanisms will ensure that your posting will perform in search engines? With HBR, you can be inspirited that your job posting will automatically be promulgated which will facilitate your recruitment method for affirming the most suitable applicants.

Whether you’re looking for developers, engineers, writers, or qualified candidates for practically any profession, we make sure your job post gets in front of the right applicants. Job shooters can implement through the job boards, and their applicant knowledge and communication erudition will go immediately to your HBR dashboard and into the resume database.

Tap Into the Magic of Referrals

When you’re looking for just the right candidate, a referral can be pure gold, resulting in a more effective and efficient recruiting process. Recruiterbox makes it easy to grant referrers access to the applicant tracking system with a unique link and email address, and two levels of access depending on your needs. You also can use the software to track referrals to see which sources are providing the best candidates, which will help you fine-tune your talent acquisition strategy.

Welcome External Recruiters

Many corporations have apprehended the power of external recruiters in equating them to the right applicants, especially hard-to-reach enduring applicants. With HBR, it’s easy to affix external users to our applicant tracking system(ATS) by using an individual link and email address that will distinguish the recruiter as a referrer. When they add a candidate through the link or send an applicant’’s resume, an applicant portrait will automatically be generated. HBR has analytics that will accommodate you to see which recruiters are bringing the most competent applicants, to help sharpen your talent acquisition maneuvering.

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