Attract a diverse talent pool Diverse recruiting begins with a diverse applicant pool. HBR offers tools to help.

Multilingual careers site and candidate experience

Offer your careers website, application forms, and candidate emails in multiple languages. Attract more applicants, offer a better candidate experience, and improve the diversity of your talent pool.

Programmatic recruitment advertising

By advertising to active and passive candidates where they spend their time online, you’ll attract a more diverse the pool of quality applicants, and tap into underrepresented talent. All without the risk of bias associated with manual sourcing.

Job board posting

Expose your vacancies to a wider audience by advertising on a huge range of free and paid job boards, all managed through HBR.

Employee referrals

Encourage referrals of candidates from under-represented groups as part of your employee referral strategy.

Reduce bias in the selection process

Tools to reduce the risk of conscious and unconscious bias in the selection process.

Blind hiring

Reduce bias in the screening process. By anonymizing applications and résumés, HBR’s blind recruitment feature ensures hiring teams assess applicants based exclusively on their experience and skills.

Candidate scorecards and hiring rubrics

Use pre-determined assessment criteria to help your hiring teams focus on what matters most. Reduce the risk of bias and make better hiring decisions customizable candidate scorecards.

Communication templates

Offer an inclusive candidate experience by using customizable email templates that use inclusive language.

Equality monitoring reports

Keep up with equal opportunities best practices and identify barriers to equality and diversity in your recruitment process with comprehensive equality monitoring reporting.

Lighten your burden with India’s leading payroll management system

Track employee life-cycle activities, analyze HR work, and get insights with zero effort.

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