Employee referrals don't have to be a tiresome manual method. HBR advances employee referrals smoothen and assists you improve your commitment. Here's whence.

HBR combines seamlessly within your workflow

HBR profoundly blends including applicant tracking systems. But it also works on its own.:

  • ATS Combinations:
    HBR blends with your workflow.

  • Send jobs to HBR including 1 snap:
    Advertise jobs in your ATS and address them to HBR with one click.

  • Constantly in sync including your ATS:
    Your ATS always stays up to date.

  • Real-time feedback for your employees:
    Your referrers always stay up to date on the status of their referrals.

An interface that describes itself

Employee referrals necessitate being uncomplicated. For you. And for your employees. That’s why the HBR interface guarantees that everyone can get roused with employee referrals quickly– outwardly spending time on surmising the program.

  • Jobs & filters:
    Everyone can quickly obtain the jobs you're currently hiring for, and filter by department.

  • Referral survey:
    Any employee constantly sees the status of his referrals.

  • Remuneration shop:
    Referrers can show exclusive rewards, immediately inside the relationship.

  • White-label & Employer Branding:
    The HBR interface can be customized according to your business brand.

Increase engagement through gamification & communication

Employee referrals flourish with a continually engaged workforce. HBR proffers referrals entertainment for everyone within a gamified award method.

  • Show sensitivity:
    Referrers earn points in HBR smooth if their referral doesn't get hired - a micro-incentive that inspires more participation!

  • Exclusive remunerations:
    Not everyone acknowledges the corresponding gifts. The premium shop makes it feasible to accumulate an uncommon reward.

  • Long-term impulse:
    The leaderboard promotes constitutional conflict for more referrals and makes certain the operation is flourishing long-term.

  • Full glassiness:
    Your employees encounter direct feedback on the status of their referrals and get targeted notifications for exceptional job posts.

Triumphant employee referral presentations start here

Rolling out your employee referral appointments with HBR is just one step away.

Do you need more expertise to obtain employee referrals a fortune? Our sophisticated screening of associates can support you including the implementation.