HBR’s recruiting software and platform makes the hiring method seamless

Live and on-demand video surveying control hiring at incrustation

HBR live and on-demand interviewing software capabilities a more adaptable and scalable method for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Recruiters and hiring teams can consistently estimate designated interviews, seeing more candidates in less time, eliminating endless interviews, and making the best hires faster.

HBR’s Video interview software that’s live or on-demand and combines seamlessly into enterprise hiring and ATS systems is what your enterprise needs to get an advantage on the competition.

Hire Faster

Supersede time-absorbing phone screens with recorded video interviews that can be taken anytime, anywhere

Proceed Beyond Resumes

Evaluate candidates abilities and potential, not just bullet points on a resume

Enhance Diversity

Assess a wider pool of candidates fairly with structured interviews

Enterprise Security

Best in class security with 99% uptime

What Makes HBR Video Interview Software Different?

On-demand & live video interviewing

Don’t limit candidates to business hours. Let on-demand technology work for you with real-time evaluation tools, interview guides, AI-automated candidate routing, and shareable recordings.

Effortless to use

Leave complex scheduling, interview guide production. Give your candidates an experience and engage them using conversational AI via SMS and Emails.

ATS amalgamation

Magnify your current ATS purchase to improve your recruiting processes and better meet hiring purposes. Mixing HBR into your current HR technologies will reduce redundancies and duplication of data.

Standardized interview templates

Access job-specific interview guides vetted and maintained by Organisational Psychologists, which provides more consistency and fairness in the interview process.

Dedicated support

White glove support from implementation to adoption to long-term success.

Pre-hire evaluations distinguish the best candidates and depreciate inclination

HBR extends scientifically authorized evaluations to help your organization zero in on the most essential characteristic applicants. Interlock with candidates and lessen prejudice in the selection process to drive positive, sustaining germination.

HBR’s performance candidate evaluation software is your scalable clarification for skills testing
Data-Driven, Science-Backed

Created by an expert team of Data Scientists

Decrease Bias

Increase diversity with scientifically validated methodology

Esteemed Insights

Review easy-to-understand reports for hiring managers and feedback for candidates

Assuredly Prioritise

Make sure you’re engaging with the highest quality candidates first

Obtain quality candidates who hit a position between meeting the job's qualifications and complementing your organization’s aura.

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