Increase time to hire professionals, executives and other niche profiles

The number one reason why people turn down job offers is because they are offered another. 26% of candidates say they left the hiring process because it “took too long”. In the competitive market, first-to-offer has the first pick of talent. If you move slowly, you don’t just lose the best candidates – you also lose interest.

  • Evaluation that operates

    Surface the qualities that matter

  • Interview pliableness

    Their timing, on their device

  • Better job fit

    Better fit, longer stay

  • Beginning to talent

    Secure top candidates quicker

Evaluate professional recruits on the right things

University attended, grades achieved and even years of experience aren’t strong predictors of job performance. OnDemand Video Interviews create a structured interview experience that reveals key indicators of success that supplement your hiring and staffing decisions with reliable data.

Provide your best candidate experience

Scheduling interviews during a candidate’s working day is hardly ideal for them. HBR enables candidates to interview on their time and on whatever device they prefer. Your candidates are using their experience to evaluate you and their future with your company.

Different verticals and sectors require different strategies to attract the right talent. Growth supported by megatrends: skills imbalances, demographics, the gig economy have driven different verticals to adopt different strategies. In a fast-paced professional landscape. Our Professional Staffing business caters to high-end skill fulfillment across mainstream and niche technologies to meet our client’s temporary staffing needs. We target specific verticals introducing - experts in the industry and domain-specific hiring.

We leverage our AI and innovation expertise upgrading the tools available to our Professional Staffing recruiters while making our operations more efficient.

Obtain quality candidates who hit a position between meeting the job's qualifications and complementing your organization’s aura.

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