Highlights of our temporary staffing services

  • Temporary employees who will stay on our rolls
  • Standard contractual procedures that we will handle
  • Payroll and personnel administration
  • Statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments, and other related administration
  • Employee registration under ESIC & EPF schemes


Here are standard benefits offered while offering Temporary Staffing Services
● Standard Benefits Offered While Offering Temporary Staffing Services Include
  • ➔ All employee HR benefits administration taken care of by Paysquare
  • ➔ Temp staff eligible for the same benefits aspermanent staff, but without the admin hassles
● Client Staff Taken On Temporary Staffing Would Have The Benefits Similar To Other Staff Like
  • ➔ Leave Policy
  • ➔ Retiral benefits Policy
  • ➔ Reimbursements and Claims policy
● Reports That We Provide To Client
  • ➔ CTC based Salary statement for each employee
  • ➔ Details of retained amounts per employee
  • ➔ Details of Salary register
  • ➔ Compliance confirmation report for each month with supporting challans/returns
  • ➔ Loans and Advances Register for employees
  • ➔ Retrials liability for provisioning and payment
  • ➔ Full and Final settlement in case of separated employees


We have a proven, time-tested recruitment process that allows us to recruit just the right candidates for your company. We have professional networks all over the country which give us access to a huge base of candidates. We vigorously screen, shortlist, and evaluate potential candidates to give you the choicest picks.


Our temporary staffing services will allow your company to staff up or down depending on the needs of your current business cycle. Temporary staffing allows you to bring down your costs on hiring, training, and providing benefits to new employees, along with the administrative costs of the human resources department. It also lets you give a respite to your permanent staff who may be overloaded during busy periods.


There are umpteen laws that organizations have to comply with within India - minimum wages, gratuity, ESIC, PF, etc. just to name a few. HBR takes over the burden of all administrative tasks by acting as the central point for all temporary staffing requirements including labor law compliance and other legal issues. We have a team of legal eagles and compliance officers to ensure that your business will be in 100% compliance with all the statutory regulations in the market.


Our employee leasing service works by simply transferring employees from a company onto the payroll of HBR's employee leasing services, and then releasing them back to the company temporarily. This facilitates HBR to become the legal employer, thus taking over all your HR administrative and management hassles. When you outsource your HR administration to us, it will give you more time to focus on your core business, while saving you money, time, and resources. We have a huge, multidisciplinary selection of temporary staff including attorneys, qualified accountants, insurance experts, and other professionals. No matter what kind of personnel you're looking for, or for what duration, we can find the right people for you. Contract labor has been in existence for a long time, but now it is becoming more prominent even in white-collar jobs. Contract staffing is advantageous for both businesses and employees. Organizations have the flexibility of finding people for short projects, while talented employees also get to chart out a clear career path by progressively handling more challenging and higher positions in different companies. Approach us when you need people for a short duration, a specific project, or to tide over your seasonal staffing requirements.

Obtain quality candidates who hit a position between meeting the job's qualifications and complementing your organization’s aura.

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