What is HBR-virtual recruiting?

It refers to the process of hiring that takes place remotely without having to meet the candidates face to face. The recruiters rely on technology to evaluate applicants remotely via video interviews, virtual events, online surveys, and proctored assessments.

Our goals of virtual recruiting are the same as any other form of recruiting—identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet organizational needs.

We have moved from physical to virtual hiring by leveraging the right technology. Virtual recruitment, which was born out of necessity in the crisis, is slowly becoming the go-to method for keeping the ball rolling.

How Does AI Help In Talent Solutions

Uncrating the Black Box to Pave the Way for Trusted AI in Talent Management

Artificial Intelligence has been making its way into the business world for most of the last decade. And for a good reason: the technology can be extremely powerful in providing services and making decisions that we humans are unable to deliver. The often high-stakes world of Talent Management, however, has been less receptive to adopting AI practices so far.

This is now starting to change: we’re unpacking the black box of AI leveraging the expertise of our AI and Talent Management experts, leading the way in embedding AI-powered processes in an ethical, robust way.

Artificial Intelligence in Talent Management

The potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to significantly enhance how we hire and develop talent is incredibly exciting.

What Types of AI Are Used in Talent Management?

There are several ways AI is used to enhance talent management processes:
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    The translation of human language into computer language

  • Machine Learning (ML)

    Training computers to make string predictions from data

  • Deep Learning (DL)

    A flexible approach to understanding data, using brain-like computer models

The Power of Using AI in Talent Management

When used in the right way, Artificial Intelligence can have a strong, positive impact on your Talent Management practices:

How does HBR’s Virtual Recruitment Method benefit the hiring process?

In addition to complying with current public health guidelines, our virtual recruitment offers three major benefits:

1. Increased candidate reach

If there’s one thing Covid-19 has taught us, it is that physical presence is no longer a priority. The talent acquisition process is no longer restricted to a particular region or location. As geographical boundaries cease to exist, recruiters get a wider reach for acquiring the right candidate.
Dipping into a larger candidate pool allows companies to scout and hone non-local talent without worrying about the relocation of a candidate. Additionally, it also allows companies to build a more diverse and multi-cultural team.
2. Reduced interview time

Before digital interactions became a part of the mainstream recruitment process, candidates needed to wait in line for an interview to take place at the potential employer’s office. Business managers also had to take time out from their hectic work schedules on an ad-hoc basis to meet the candidates. The great thing about virtual interviews is that a time slot needs to be booked in advance that is suitable for everyone. When implementing virtual hiring, selecting a specific time and meeting duration is an automatic part of the process, resulting in better time management for both the candidate and the hiring manager.

3. Better engagement

Job seekers appreciate tech-savvy organizations. It has recently been observed that candidates are less likely to apply for a job within an organization if they think that their recruitment methods are outdated. Businesses looking for top talent need to ensure that their brand message is well received by the modern workforce.

Organizations can showcase their grasp on cutting-edge technology by leveraging it for their recruitment and onboarding processes and engaging with potential candidates through multiple social channels.

Obtain quality candidates who hit a position between meeting the job's qualifications and complementing your organization’s aura.

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